Board of Directors

The Guild is governed by a Board of Directors made up of elected officers and appointed committee chair positions who serve two-year terms.  A complete, alphabetical listing of board members appears below the Elected Officers.

Elected Officers

jackie frend

Jackie Frend - President

Mary Thorne - Secretary


karen miller

Karen Miller 

Affiliate Representative



Corky Rainey - 1st VP





Corky Rainey

1st Vice President
bill adams

Bill Adams -Treasurer

bill adams

Maria Limarzi - 2nd VP





John Days

Guild Guide Representative
                                               John Days -                  Guild Guide Representative

John Days - Guild Guide Rep





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Department: BOD/Co-Chair, Government and Tourism
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Department: BOD/Co-Chair, Guild Certified Master Guide Program
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Department: BOD/Elected Officer: Affiliate Representative
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Department: Hospitality Committee/Registration